Indonesia manufacture and Exporter Batik fabrics, specialize in 100% Cotton and 100% Rayon.

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Official site of  JAWA BATIK Indonesian Manufacture and Exporter Batik fabrics.

We,  JAWA BATIK committed to bringing you in various colors and designs of Batik fabrics, specialize in 100% Cotton and  100% Rayon fabrics. JAWA BATIK has long experience in traditional and modern printing, discharge printing, Stamp and various method of making Batik.  So please come in browes our collection of beutiful, traditional and contemporary fabrics.


Well services is our most priority concern.  Thus you can count on us for deliveries timetable meet on competitive prices.


JAWA BATIK located in Solo, Central Java is manufacturer of Batik.  Solo city is famous as a city of Batik in Indonesia.           JAWA BATIK was founded on 1995, with objective of manufacturing high quality Batik Fabrics.

And exporting to USA, CANADA, SPAIN, GREECE, ITALY and UK.


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